Galactic Federation of Light Secret

We are representatives of a developed civilization. Galactic Federation of Light. We flew from Alpha Centauri. Our civilization long ago overcame starvation and death. Now we explore the worlds far away. At the far reaches of the galaxy, we visited 25,000 planets populated by sentient beings. Their civilizations are closer to the center of the universe then yours. For this way, they developed faster than yours.

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The mountains of Tibet are the most mysterious place on earth. Over the Himalayas, UFOs are often seen. Often shoot on the phone from the airplane window. There are cities in the rocks. Flying monks lived there. They moved through the air. In the valley of Tibet Before the Tarap 14 centuries ago a chariot of fire fell from heaven to the valley. She was ruled by a demon. After the explosion, the skin of the people was charred. The remnants of the spaceship were buried in a stone mortar. They do not want to open it. Valley Do Tarap at an altitude of 4000 km above sea level. There is also the monastery of Ribot Dumpa. 70 years ago the expedition of Anenerbe to fascist Germany went to this monastery. They could not open the mortar with the demon.

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Green Planet

Our beautiful planet in the future will change completely. Each bulb must be replaced. Machines have to drive on a different fuel. The buildings should be rebuilt. Imagine a night map of the Earth and see the planet in lights. Powerful oil companies want to do business the old fashioned way. Extraction of the minerals industry is the largest manufacturing. We will inevitably prejudice. Continue reading “Green Planet”

Professor DA Hynek

Professor DA Hynek born in 1910. The director of Dearborn Observatory, and dean of the Department of Astronomy at Northwestern University. He is became known primarily for his work in the field of stellar spectroscopy and organizations in the United States for tracking space objects service. This famous American astronomer, is undoubtedly the world’s largest specialist on the issue of UFOs.
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The physicist Bob Lazar

The physicist Bob Lazar, from December 1988 to April 1989 led the pilot office in the area of ​​51. He worked in the facility code-named C-4. In May 1988 there was a calling. Killed three scientists. I need a replacement. The program at the C-4 facility consisted of three projects. The project assistant. It develops neutron beam weapon on. The project mirrors allow a glimpse into the past. Galileo project. Work on the antigravity engines. He worked as a physicist. The technology of these engines delivered aliens. Bob Lazar was introduced to the documents. Creatures had gray skin and a large head with big eyes. Hair was not.

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Peru long before the Incas

In South America, the aliens were active. Nazca in Peru is a rocky plateau. In this desert interlaced geometric figures, lines, images of animals and humans. They can be seen helicopter. This is a unique phenomenon. A huge number of lines in the desert. In 1927, they found the archeologist Taribio Kseste. Widely known Nazca acquired in 1939. Paul Kosok photographed from the aircraft. Maria Reiche in 1946 studied the drawings. Geoglefy. The lines on the Nazca. She studied the line before 1998. The writer Erich von Daniken has suggested an alien origin. Details in the book “Chariots of the Gods”. Now there are more than 13,000 lines and shapes. Nazca Lines seen from space. Continue reading “Peru long before the Incas”